Battle for Azeroth Developer Exclusive Interview Q&A! – Method

We were pleased to have time with both Steve Burke (Senior Game Designer) & Chris Robinson (Senior Art Director) at Blizzcon 2017 to ask some important questions we know you’re all eager to hear the answers to! Below in the description, you can find all questions and timestamps. Visit our website ►
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0:10 Does the team track popular weapon appearances and use that to plan future art elements?

2:20 In terms of Legion, what are you guys most proud of in terms of quality of life changes?

3:30 Will we see any improvements or additions to world quests in Battle for Azeroth? And do addons such as QuestHelper and Group Finder hurt the player experience for this type of content?

5:15 Will we see any revamps to cities such as Thunder Bluff and Silvermoon in Battle for Azeroth? And will we ever see Gadgetzan ever resemble the Hearthstone version?

7:15 Why were class buffs added back in Battle for Azeroth after they were taken away and are there concerns that classes might be more popular due to this for content such as Mythic+?

8:08 Legion emphasized class fantasy, will this be the case in Battle for Azeroth?

9:10 Can Allied races be classes that already have a strong visual identity like Demon Hunters and Death Knights?

10:08 Should we expect adjustments with scaling to timewalking dungeons and raids that are themed after a particular expansion?

11:08 Do you see potential for Warfronts to have a PvP mode?

11:30 Is there a feature that was in development for Legion that we will now see in Battle for Azeroth instead?

13:08 When you guys plan content, how do you design encounters around the large gap between casual players, hardcore players, and professional players?

14:38 What are some of the lessons learned between the artifact power system and Azerite?

15:20 Will there be any transmog progession with the Azerite system similar to how it was with the artifact weapons?

17:14 What challenges did Allied races present in terms of taking a model we’ve seen before and giving it personality and customization?

19:25 Is Antorus (the raid) coming soon?

19:40 Any plans to differentiate role choices in Group Finder? For example, queuing as a melee DPS as opposed to ranged DPS

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