Tyrant Velhari – Hellfire Citadel – 6.2 PTR – FATBOSS

An Updated Live Guide is available for this encounter: https://youtu.be/nkLf9thG01w

Today we share with you the Tyrant Velhari encounter. This is one of the longer fights in the instance we’ve seen so far, consisting of three separate phases. Most of this encounter involves managing a enrage-style aura that mutates phase by phase. Hellfire Citadel is located in Tanaan Jungle and is scheduled to be as third raid instance in the Warlords of Draenor Expansion. If you liked the video please do drop us a like!

Please note that this video is a preview of the boss and potentially anything could change before this instance does hit live servers. As always expect an official FatbossTV raid guide within the first few days of this instance being released.

Watch more Hellfire Citadel previews: http://bit.ly/1FU9b71

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