Raidänderungen mit Warlords of Draenor

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Seht euch derweil unsere News bezüglich der Dungeons, LFR und Raids an:

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LFR, heroische Dungeons, PvE

LFR Loot better or equivalent to Heroic Dungeon loot? The watercooler post didn’t specify.
.6.0 LFR ilvl is between Heroic dungeon and Normal raid, same as today. (WatcherDev)
Meaning for alts of Flex/Mythic/Heroic raiders it will still be a wanted road to take gearing up.
There are other sources of catch-up gear. And we’ll tune the first Normal raid tier around having Heroic dungeon gear. (WatcherDev)

Hey re lfr and flex options. Says min 10.. How will tanking work? 1 tank min or 2 tanks req? LFR is still going to matchmake 25-player groups. 2 tanks. Encounter design often fundamentally
requires 2 tanks. But if some people drop, the numbers will scale down in the interim while the group waits for people to backfill. (WatcherDev) .
what happens if there is no second tank and ready to pull a boss ?
If there’s no second tank and the boss requires 2, then you aren’t ready to pull the boss, sorry. (WatcherDev)
On that note – any chance bosses will actually be unpullable if required roles aren’t present?
That’s an interesting idea – will think about whether that’s doable. (WatcherDev)

So basically for me gearing an Alt, I would prefer to do Herioc Dungeons as my starting point than jump in 2 Normal/Herioc so on
Pretty much. Or you could do LFR. Or you could use loot from other sources in the outdoor world. Whichever you prefer. (WatcherDev)

will be Normal T18 better than Mythic T17? It sucks to upgrade max difficulty gear with items you’ll use for few days
No, just as Flex T16 was not better than Heroic T15. A Mythic raider should begin with Heroic of the next tier. (WatcherDev)